Welcome to Jadah Carroll LLC. We provide accounting, tax preparation, auditing, bookkeeping and consulting services to individuals and small businesses. We are located downtown Manhattan in the Soho area though we service clients all over the United States and Europe.

Happy New Year to all!

I know a lot of you have questions about the new tax code (as do we!!!), and hopefully by the time you come in our crazy government will let go of some of the changes and make this chapter more amenable to growth and equity. At any rate, we are looking forward to seeing you this year, and I am especially happy to introduce Jaime Sturm, who is joining as a partner in our expanding business. Jaime is a CPA who managed the tax department at a midtown CPA firm for years. He brings expertise in the fields of corporate and individual taxes (and a slew of new clients – so we will be busy). I am really excited about this growth, and am looking forward to being able to breathe a little more during the height of tax season, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Jaime, and his willingness to jump in. Elizabeth and Valerie are of course still on board, and we are all looking forward to this crazy new season.

So...be sure to call in for an appointment: 212-966-3692. Email with any questions or concerns, and be sure to go online to www.jadahcarroll.com and read up on the New Tax Code and 2017 Tax Tips, along with all the other articles and links

Our clients are mostly in creative fields - production, design, performance. We have developed some niche areas - in fashion, photography and design, event production, music and video production, music and theater performance, both for-profit and not-for profit companies.

We provide bookkeeping services for a large number of companies - both on-site and in our office, depending upon what serves our clients best. We will either come on-site or work out of our office performing full-charge bookkeeping services on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or annual basis. We prepare sales and payroll taxes, bank reconciliations, monthly and annual reports.

We provide tax preparation services for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and not-for-profits. I am enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and can represent clients at audits all the way to tax court.

We also provide our clients with insurance and investment advisors who work with us. We have a small and trustworthy network of advisors who help our clients with investment advice, mortgage assistance and insurance needs. We are truly a full source company with the intention to help our clients grow their businesses and create abundance in their lives.

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